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Child Mental and Behavioral Health Services


Child Psychiatry
Regional Mental Health Center offers child psychiatry services to children and teens. Our psychiatric staff includes board-certified child psychiatrists who provide diagnostic mental health evaluations, psychiatric management and mental illness treatment with psychiatric medications.

Outpatient Services 

Our child and adolescent outpatient counseling programs provide treatment for children and adolescents who live at home and are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. Child, adolescent and family treatment is individualized and can be intensive—depending on the child's needs. Other outpatient services include specialized groups conducted after school and day groups during the summer months. Professional staff work in concert with the family, schools, advocates, community resources and local and/or state agencies to meet the unique needs of children and adolescents. Treatment plans are designed to assist children and their families to learn healthier ways of interacting with each other and in the community. Children and adolescents, 4 years – 18 years of age, either in school or on homebound status or those suspended/expelled or in jeopardy of being suspended or expelled are accepted.

School Counseling
We provide services for children and families in their schools by therapists and a case manager. Therapists are on-site and involved with children through individual, group and family treatment. They work closely with school staff to address behavioral problems that are interfering with the educational process. Therapists are part of the case conferencing process for children in special education.

Head Start Consulting Services 
Our behavioral health specialists provide case management services to families with young children enrolled in Head Start programs. Case management services include but are not limited to, helping families whose children have specialized needs access resources available within the Head Start program as well as children with specialized needs transitioning from Head Start into the public school system. 

Gambling Addiction Services 

Regional Mental Health Center offers counseling services to clients as young as eight years old. Group sessions may range from six to twelve sessions, while individual sessions are arranged to fit the client's schedule and can last as long as eight months. Our state endorsed gambling treatment providers are licensed addiction professionals. Thanks to state funding, Regional is able to offer gambling addictions services on a sliding fee scale, making them affordable to all those in need.

Child Case Management Services 

Case managers provide services for families with children enrolled in counseling services. This includes helping families access community resources and any specialized needs the child may have in order to ensure the child's growth and development during therapy services.

IV-B Services (DCS Referred Services)
Regional Mental Health Center’s IV-B Services program provides intensive, home-based therapy services to families who have a child or children that are in danger of being placed out of the home. Families are assisted with needed individual and family therapy and crisis counseling. Placement diversion therapists are available to the referred families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed. Services are referred through the Lake County Department of Child Services Title IV-B funding.

Circle Around Families
Circle Around Families is a strength-based, wraparound, case-management program available to children and families receiving services from Indiana's social service agencies. This program collaborates with various caregivers, social service agencies and educational institutions to coordinate services—thereby effectively reducing the frustration many families experience when their child is involved with more than one social service agency.


HOMEBUILDERS® is an evidence-based program that strengthens families by preventing a child's unnecessary out-of-home placement or their return to foster care, group care, psychiatric hospitals, or correctional institutions. HOMEBUILDERS® is an intensive, in-home, family therapy program for families with children in imminent risk of placement, or have children in placement who cannot be reunified without intensive services. The presenting problems may include child abuse, neglect, family conflict, juvenile delinquency, and child or parental developmental disabilities and/or mental health problems. Services are provided in the home from 8-10 hours per week for a period of 4 weeks.

Families and Divorce: Working It Out 

This four-hour educational program is facilitated by Regional's mental health professionals who have experience working with families in transition. Attendance by both parents is required by the Lake County Superior Court within 60 (sixty) days of filing for divorce for parents of children under age 18. 

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Serving Northwest Indiana, Regional Mental Health Center has facilities in Lake and Porter Counties, Merrillville, Hobart, Highland, Hammond and East Chicago. Residents from throughout Indiana are assisted with emergency mental health services, mental health treatment, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs.

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